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Worrying comes with the territory of being a mama. We worry about everything under the sun! But worrying about whether your baby is getting enough milk or not or why your baby is not gaining enough weight is quite all consuming.


Having gone through this ourselves, we understand the feeling of wanting to move heaven and earth to make sure that our baby is happy and full.


Traditionally, our mothers and grandmothers have used certain foods / ingredients that are galactagogues that act as catalysts to aid the milk production process. ‘Taking a cue from their book, we have ensured that our products  are made with Indian super ingredients like Aliv (Garden Cress Seeds), Shatavari, Sprouted Whole Grains , Gondh, Oats, Dry fruits, Different seeds etc . All to help you boost your milk supply and help with your postpartum healing.

But, do remember, that are most effective when Mama is pumping / breastfeeding 6-8 times a day :)

So, snack away so that your baby gets enough to snack on as well!