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Our Story

Hi - We’re Richie & Neha, co-founders of Just Be Mama.

Motherhood is a sisterhood like no other! The moment someone says that they are pregnant or a mother or planning to be one, we all just connect! We’ve been friends for years but being inducted into this sisterhood brought us closer and made us want to make a difference for other new moms during this wonderful journey. Mamas need to be taken care of and so we thought that we would try and do our bit in making something special just for them. So, we created Just Be Mama, to be another sister in the tribe of sisterhood .

We also know that new mamas need to be pampered and taken care of, given that they are doing all the hard work . We  want to support mamas at every stage but are starting with healthy, nutritious snacks designed for 0 - 2 year old mamas. Yes, we call them 2 year old mamas as they are also born with their babies !:)

So, stay tuned as we serve you with the warmth and support that you need every step of the way.

Enjoy the happiness boxes, crafted with a lot of love & care, just for you !


Richie & Neha