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Monthly Lactation Laddu Combo - 2 Boxes
Monthly Lactation Laddu Combo - 2 Boxes
Monthly Lactation Laddu Combo - 2 Boxes
Monthly Lactation Laddu Combo - 2 Boxes
Monthly Lactation Laddu Combo - 2 Boxes

Monthly Lactation Laddu Combo - 2 Boxes

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Love our Laddu Damdaar and want to stock up for the month?

The Gond ka laddu like no other ! Made with 22 ingredients from Amaranth to Sprouted  Green Moong flour to Gond & a whole lotta love!

Now this is a loaded laddoo!

With this set of 2 boxes, you are sorted for the whole month!

What's not to love ! :)  

Customer Reviews

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Soumya S Dash
Review for lactation laddoos

Awesome in taste! A great snack for lactating mothers 😊

Good taste, noticeable increase in lactation

Product descriptions and photos helped me get exactly what I wanted.

Fresh and Healthy

Both Cookie & Laddu is freshly packed so it tastes so well. I am consuming two per day. Perfect snack to feel fresh with the healthy ingredients ☺️

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the cookie has 2 galactagogues - Oats & Halim ( Gardencress seeds) which act like catalysts to boost breastmik production, provided you are also effectively removing milk & emptying your breasts via breastfeeding or pumping at least 6-8 times a day

In Ayurveda, jaggery is considered important for postpartum healing due to its various benefits:

  1. Iron Content: Jaggery is a rich source of iron, which is essential for replenishing iron stores in the body that may be depleted during childbirth and pregnancy.
  2. Energy Boost: Postpartum women often experience fatigue, and jaggery provides a natural energy boost due to its carbohydrate content.
  3. Blood Purification: Ayurveda suggests that jaggery helps in purifying the blood, which can be beneficial for postpartum recovery.
  4. Digestive Aid: Jaggery is known to aid digestion and alleviate constipation, which is a common concern during the postpartum period.
  5. Rich in Nutrients: It contains various vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and vitamins, contributing to overall postpartum health.
  6. Lactation Support: Some traditional beliefs suggest that jaggery can support lactation, providing additional nourishment for breastfeeding mothers.