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Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie
Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie
Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie
Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie
Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie
Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie

Milky Swag- Vegan Lactation Cookie

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Milky Swag -Vegan

Apna desi lactation cookie!

Aliv is our very own Indian superfood as it is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein and is a known galactagogue. It’s about time that the very humble Alive / Halim got some swag!

And together with Oats and Dark chocolate (for that bit of indulgence), Milky Swag will hopefully help boost your milk production & boost your energy & happiness levels!

This is a vegan version of our lactation cookie specially made for moms who are unable to consume dairy products 

Made with whole wheat flour, olive oil & jaggery, this is one healthy cookie! Try stopping at one. It sure is tough!

How & When to eat it:

A light, crumbly cookie that pairs well with milk / chai. And, believe us, it is just perfect for those 3 am feedings. So do keep them by your bedside. It’s not just baby who is hungry at that time!

Shelf Life: 1 month from the date of manufacture

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Vegan Lactation Cookie for Dr Parvathy


I’m so happy with the purchase!

Excellent taste and effectiveness

Buying for more than a year. They haven't disappointed me even once.

Excellent product, highly recommend!

Milky Swag is a must-have for lactating moms!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the cookie has 2 galactagogues - Oats & Halim ( Gardencress seeds) which act like catalysts to boost breastmik production, provided you are also effectively removing milk & emptying your breasts via breastfeeding or pumping at least 6-8 times a day

In Ayurveda, jaggery is considered important for postpartum healing due to its various benefits:

  1. Iron Content: Jaggery is a rich source of iron, which is essential for replenishing iron stores in the body that may be depleted during childbirth and pregnancy.
  2. Energy Boost: Postpartum women often experience fatigue, and jaggery provides a natural energy boost due to its carbohydrate content.
  3. Blood Purification: Ayurveda suggests that jaggery helps in purifying the blood, which can be beneficial for postpartum recovery.
  4. Digestive Aid: Jaggery is known to aid digestion and alleviate constipation, which is a common concern during the postpartum period.
  5. Rich in Nutrients: It contains various vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and vitamins, contributing to overall postpartum health.
  6. Lactation Support: Some traditional beliefs suggest that jaggery can support lactation, providing additional nourishment for breastfeeding mothers.