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Your body has gone through so much... Nourished your little one for 9 whole months and went through the whole experience of actually giving birth!  And who can forget taking care of your baby! That is no easy feat either (On second thoughts, taking care of a child, no matter what his or her age is not easy !:P) 

Mama, now is the time to take care of your body and give it the nutrition that it needs to recover. All those aches and pains in the back, joints and muscles are all signals that your body is giving you, so why not listen to them?

 To help you with that, our Happiness Box for strengthening is designed specifically to help strengthen and heal you. Gondh ke laddu have always been given to mamas for giving them strength. We didn’t want to mess with something that has always worked so well. So our Laddu Damdaar is just a healthier, more potent version that will give you the building blocks for a stronger you! And for some extra taakat, we have our Taakat – E - Flour which is full of iron & calcium shakti and  made with Rava, Jowar, Kuttu and Ragi.